People don't need
to be managed,
they need to be


Leaders have great responsibility for their teams, their cause, their companies and for themselves. The team and their performance are only as good as the leadership. Fortunately, contrary to common belief, leadership can be and even needs to be learned and practiced, no matter how much potential you as a leader are already equipped with. Committing to the evolution of leaders will grow your business and optimize performance. What’s more, it will attract, motivate, develop and keep top talent at all levels who will dedicate themselves to sustaining the future of your business.


As high-performance leaders are out-of-the-box personalities, the leadership program I provide is tailor-made to suit your individual needs in logistics, structure and content.The structure can range from a one-on-one mentoring process to peer-group coaching sessions with the opportunity to exchange experience and observations. The Leadership Evolution program will accompany you with the right balance between insightful theory, useful tools, ample amount of practice, and reflection time, all in order to create long-lasting new and effective habits.


You will benefit from the program by refining your own strengths and leadership competencies, finding your own personal leadership style, significantly improving your team performance, and creating new and rewarding habits that enable you to make proactive decisions under your current market and organizational conditions. Furthermore, you will have the opportunity to practice and enhance your skills to engage with environmental requirements, boost team motivation as well as self-motivation, and focus on target achievements.

From the Experts

“Nelly‘s strong organizational skills paired with her high social competence allowed her to take over responsibility for project teams very early in her career as a risk consultant. Consequently, she was soon promoted to project manager - a high achievement and honor especially in the field of management consulting. She was respected and appreciated as a leader by clients and her team members alike. I fully support her in her role as a full-time leadership trainer and coach.”

Dr. Gernot Blum, d-fine GmbH, Partner

To provide the best leadership facilitation, I team up with other experienced professionals throughout the program, each with a different focus of expertise. Within our network, our areas of expertise expand to:

  • Understanding your role as a leader
  • Effective communication in different organizational or cultural environments
  • Progressive thinking and decision making in VUCA environments
  • Attention management, emotional regulation, focus
  • Motivation and performance in self and others
  • Maximizing team productivity
  • Facilitating learning and growth
  • Innovation, change and sustainability


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