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I am an internationally certified coach and have earned credentials with the International Coaching Federation (ICF) as Professional Certified Coach (PCC). I have completed coach trainings with the NeuroLeadership Institute and advanced evidence-based coach trainings with Positive Acorn and hold certificates as Brain-Based Coaching and Positive Psychology Coach. My coaching style is compassionate, imaginative, playful, and energizing, providing both structure and a safe space for exploration.


With this strong foundation in positive psychology and contemporary neuroscience, my coaching is further complemented by methods from learning theory, sports psychology, and conceptual change theory from years of academic studies and teaching of these topics. In addition, I bring in tools and best practices from leadership training and agile coaching from my professional experience in management consulting as well as tools from my own design. My coaching approach is therefore goal-oriented and focuses on helping people identify and understand their current thinking patterns, facilitating insights and new learning, enabling new actions, and most importantly creating sustainable and effective new habits.


Specializing in high potentials who already have fast, progressive and solution-focused thinking (e.g. gifted or highly creative individuals), I will support you in reaching challenging and visionary goals by encouraging you to stretch your own thinking in yet unfamiliar ways. Furthermore, using streamlined strategies in addition to a clear definition of your desired outcome as part of the coaching makes it possible to achieve goals that before had just seemed outside of reach. These goals can be of professional or personal nature or a combination of both. I am experienced in working with a variety of individuals, including executives from large companies, management consultants, senior scientists, and gifted teenagers and adults.


Before coaching, I will always take deliberate time for a personal conversation to understand your aspirations and preferences. I also work with a network of other coaches to facilitate the best match between client and coach.  


In correspondence to the digital era and current work demands, I offer location-independent coaching that can conveniently take place via phone or video chat.

From the Experts

“Nelly was an exceptional student whilst learning the Brain-Based Coaching Certificate. As her trainer and mentor I loved the energy and inquisitiveness Nelly brought to the course.  Nelly was always willing to step forward, which demonstrated her skill at coaching and also her generosity to the group. It was lovely to see the close connections Nelly made quickly in the group, which shows her openness and caring nature. Nelly is a great people person, professional and creative. I look forward to hearing all the great achievements I know Nelly will continue to thrive at.”

Nicola O'Sullivan, Coach, Trainer, Assessor and Mentor, PCC

The coaching I offer has the following focus:

  • Gain clarity of your visionary goals
  • Set up effective strategies and step-plan
  • Set up goal-oriented process
  • Enable significant insights
  • Streamline your learning and actions to reach your goals
  • Increase motivation and focus
  • Create new habits and make them stick


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