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Think Tank

With the heart and mind of a scholar, it is my desire to connect scientific understanding and latest scientific insights with practical application that is available and effectively useful for a larger community of people, especially for education and business.


The platform I have created allows me to connect with people working in different fields related to learning and growth. We share expertise, inspiration, knowledge, and resources that enhance our services and lead to projects outside of our usual work fields. I work closely with a group of people with backgrounds in educational science, psychology, neuroscience, healthcare, business, and journalism to connect my own curiosity and eagerness to stay on top of the latest developments with the practical application of learning and growth in my services.


I dedicate my particular talent for conceptual design to the research and development of practical tools and models that can be used in all areas of application. Furthermore, I invest in my continued research in educational neuroscience with focus on leadership, giftedness and other fields of high potential that will profit from applicable tools, such as ADHD. With a special interest in edutainment, I would additionally like to present scientific understanding in a playful way, for example through books, games or exhibition concepts.

From the Experts

“Nelly is an expert at various levels. She is able to think molecularly as well as globally. She grasps severe, impenetrable problems in her own analytical mindset. Nelly is also smart, reliable, persevering - even against resistance - and severely logical. She can endure to listen for a long time but within she can intervene instantly with a great reasoning skill. Furthermore, she is polite, friendly, balanced and has a delightful sense of humor. I would ask Nelly for help if I had to think through complex structures and determine an internal and external order.”

Prof. Dr. Thomas Trautmann, Expert for giftedness and education in the early childhood, Fakultät 4,  Institut 2, University of  Hamburg, Germany

Results from larger projects will include publications, books, or elements of edutainment that will be made available to a larger community.


Dr. Nelly Nguyen, PCC
Hamburg Reykjavik, Huntington Beach
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phone: +49 151 59176175
email: thinktank@nellynguyen.org
web: www.nellynguyen.org and www.appliedlife.is