I’m Dr. Nelly Nguyen, and I’m offering services for high potential clients worldwide to reach their unique visionary goals. I’m giving you my full presence, experience, and abilities as a coach and person in order to provide you with an extremely effective, rewarding and absolutely goal-focused process. My mission: unleashing your potential.


  • 1-on-1 coaching & group coaching
  • Leadership evolution, coaching and mentoring
  • State-of-the art methods, best practices, and practical tools
  • Combining scientific understanding with practical application
  • Resources from a large network and think tank


  • Team leader and project manager
  • Strategic consulting in finance
  • Academic teaching and research
  • Coaching and talent development for competitive athletes
  • Projects for promoting schooling for gifted children

goal-focused process

  • Structured process for goal-setting
  • Development and use of effective strategies
  • Motivation and focus on action plan
  • Insights and learning beyond target
  • Creating new and sustainable habits

Unleashing my Potential!

I’ve always been fascinated with learning, and I immensely enjoy having insights about complex matters. Even as a child I loved playing games that would allow me to make sense of things, to solve problems, and to apply strategies - always with an element of fun and curiosity. When I started with small part-time jobs during school and college, I quickly realized that I valued those jobs that enabled me to facilitate learning and insights in others, whether it was with tutoring jobs or working as a swim coach.


Being interested in so many things, I have never concerned myself too much with the actual topics of my studies as long as I was able to apply the principles of learning, sense-making, strategies and having insights, and to use them to achieve inspiring goals. With these principles, I was passionate about contributing to ambitious yet fascinating projects and to make a real impact. This was true for all fields to which I dedicated my resources: sports, education, science, and the business world. Along the way I’ve also discovered that I’m exceptionally gifted when it comes to conceptual models and design.


During my years of experience in both science and business, my desire has always been to optimize the balance between maximizing my own learning while at the same facilitating the joy of learning in others. In my own development, I am grateful to have had so many opportunities to gain a better understanding of my own role, and refine my tools and methods. Working as a manager and team leader in a strategic consultancy has been a most rewarding experience. I have had unique superiors and mentors throughout the years who provided me with the great amount of positive stretch that I craved for personal growth, and I had the honor of serving spectacular high-performance teams of my own and engage with so many interesting international projects and clients.


When I set out to learn more about leadership and coaching during my years of executive education, I only expected to understand more about the science and best practices of being a good team leader. However, what I got was absolutely mesmerizing and life-changing. I had already been overflowing with contentment in the profession of management consulting. Yet learning ways how to unleash people’s potentials (including my own) with a creative, thought-provoking and absolutely inspiring process was the absolute pinnacle for me.

From the clients

‘What a transformation I have had through my coaching engagement with Nelly! Nelly has a thoughtfully patient style, she listens with true intent and facilitates a continual focus on moving forward, fully engaged on me and enabling me to make my vision a reality. Nelly is wonderfully energising and supportive as a coach, her authenticity and determination enabled me to unlock my true self to successfully achieve my goals.  I would highly recommend Nelly as a coach.’

– BT, UK

‘I loved the genuine excitement Nelly showed towards me and my goals. She created a safe space full of trust and met my challenges with a positive curiosity – no judgment whatsoever. The structured process allowed me to continuously move forward, while at the same time having great and potentially life-changing insights into who I am and what’s important to me. I am in awe with her abilities to ask questions that hit the spot and make me think in entirely new ways. Together with Nelly as a coach you’ll be able to reach your goals in a state of positive creativity or realize that you’ve set yourself the wrong goals – both equally important. Nelly knows how to get you there, and how to move you forward. Safely but surely. The insights from the coaching have changed my every day, as well as my direction in life.’

– TK, Denmark

'Dr. Nguyen is an outstanding coach, strategist and most importantly human being. Her background in health, education, science and coaching merge into one impressive executive coach. She really knows what she is good at and focuses on that. If you are willing to go far, she will prepare you for doing that in a way that enables you to enjoy the process and become the best you at the same time. It is easy to open up and come completely as you are because she shows that she genuinely cares about unleashing you to become all that you can be. I have benefited immensely from her brilliant tools that are building up inner capacity for dealing with challenges that I struggled with overcoming for years. She really helps me understand my underlying challenges that are holding me back and creates life-changing tools through which I am able to be authentic to myself and reach my goals, step by step. I have been fortunate to have worked with many professional coaches in my life, but what has been the main difference with working with Dr. Nguyen is her perfect combination of structure and empathy that she applies to really help me create new habits in order to follow up on my goals in a way that I have never been able to do before.'


‘I was working with Nell on reestablishing my priorities in life and finding a way to constructively and playfully tie those new ideas and methods into my daily routine. It has been a pleasure to be guided along the path of self-discovery by Nell's optimistic, supportive and imaginative personality. During our sessions she knew when to give me space to roam my own thoughts and when to intervene and stretch my thinking in order to extract one of those insights that are hard to come by when you are on your own. While dealing with delicate and difficult subjects, Nell showed empathy and respect and I felt safe to show vulnerability, a key element in the process of self-transformation. I can wholeheartedly recommend Nell to anyone who is seeking the guidance of a mindful companion when setting out for a new adventure in their life.’

– LF, Poland

‘In our coaching sessions, I got to know Nelly as very professional and genuine at the same time, making me feel at ease and in good hands. Her brain-based approach made our work together well-structured and focused on a positive outcome. Furthermore, Nelly has a happy, fresh energy around her and a nice way of tuning in with you in a caring, open-minded way.’

– BS, Netherlands

‘Even though I could not have imagined a solution for my topic, I have been able to find it with Nell’s help. When in need of clarity in complex matters, investing in coaching with Nell is the right step to take. With her profound experience and education, Nell shows genuine interest in her clients and encourages them to understand underlying structures of thinking and stretches them to create new ways of thinking. She is fully dedicated and committed, highly enthusiastic, and puts her heart and soul into the coaching.’

– CM, Germany

‘Working with Nelly was an overall clarifying creative experience. Nelly has the ability to look at reality from different methodological frameworks and embraces endlessly exploring minds. She enabled me to reveal my underlying drives and goals in different areas of my life. Under her guidance I worked on these goals in a playful, creative, confrontational and every now and then hilarious way. I would recommend her to people who have a complex perception of life and search to live their lives closer to their core values.’

– SP, Netherlands

My mission is to unleash people’s potential. With this platform I focus on three ways of accomplishing that mission by offering:

  1. professional coaching
  2. customized leadership facilitation
  3. a think tank that combines scientific understanding with practical application


Dr. Nelly Nguyen, PCC
Hamburg, Reykjavik, Huntington Beach
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phone: +49 151 59176175
email: unleashme(at)nellynguyen.org
web: www.nellynguyen.org and www.appliedlife.is